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3 Warrants for Ravi Mani's Arrest: 1999, 2000, 2001
On Eight (8) Counts of Willful Failure to Pay Earned Wages
Ravi eluded these warrants for 3 years, from 1999 - 2002

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Chief of
Police Charles

In Collection Status with Dun & Bradstreet
with worst possible credit rating (5 = Highest Risk)
CCC Dun & Bradstreet Number: 17-532-6552

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"Computer Consultants Corporation"
name revoked by DC Government 1999-2002

No longer a legal entity or "corporate veil" for Ravi Mani

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Mayor Williams
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Office of Inspector General Investigations Division
SBA 8(a) Business Development Program

"Conduct by the concern, or any of its principals, indicating a lack of business integrity.
Such conduct may be demonstrated by information related to a criminal indictment or guilty plea, a criminal conviction, or a judgment or settlement in a civil case. "

SBA Hotline for 8(a) Program

Ravi was  terminated from the program
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Unsatisfactory Business Performance Record
with the Better Business Bureau

"The Bureau opened its file in February 1994. Mr. Ravi Mani is listed in our files as the Owner of the company. Based on our standards, this company has an unsatisfactory business performance record with the Bureau....given when a pattern in the company's customer complaints causes us concern..."

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Numerous counts of Perjury


This page contains information for your convenience and protection, courtesy of the members of the Ravi Mani Creditor Association (RMCA). The purpose of this organization is to assist those who are awaiting payment, or have been the victims of con artistry.  This includes funds stolen from consultants and employees, in a white collar fashion, but theft, nevertheless.

Former employees and contractors may choose to remain anonymous. Ravi has been known to commit Perjury (making a material false statement under oath knowing the statement is false) and False Accusations (making a material statement believed to be false to a public servant in connection with an official proceeding), for example making a false police report solely to get someone else in trouble. This is a Class Two (2) Misdemeanor, punishable by up to four months in jail and a $750 fine.

RMCA will assist in the return of what is owed.  More importantly, RMCA seeks to prevent similar situations through information and education.  This site would be unnecessary if all those who worked for Ravi Mani were paid as promised, or if a reasonable effort was made to do so.  This and similar sites will remain until this goal is achieved.  Ravi could assume that these computer related contractors would never find out about each other, until the internet changed that.

"An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure" - this site should have a preventive effect, to avert abuse before it arises.

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Unpaid Taxes, Instructor, Employee, Vendor Payments
13 Judgments

Ravi says "Sue Me!"
Knowing most people will not go to Small Claims Court, pay $10 parking, and wait in line
But the Internet has changed all that

Note: For privacy, and the protection of the innocent, approximate proxy photos may be used

Creditor Date Amount Details Documentation Status
Mayor Williams
District of Columbia
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1998-08-19 $13,114 DC Tax Lien
Dion Whitley 202-727-0400
Recorder of Deed
Office of Tax & Revenue
941 N. Capitol Street
ravitaxlien__.jpg (19991 bytes)Docket No.: DC-98-02448
Allan Rosenzweig
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1999 $1500 Failure to Pay Earned Wages Warrant for Ravi's arrest
D-480-99 16-Feb-1999
Judge Ronald Goodbread
Allan Rosenzweig
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Douglas E. Portee
2000 $2,127.44


Failure to Pay Earned Wages

Small Claims Judgment: DC 2842 00

Warrant for Ravi's arrest
D-3016-00 29-Aug-2000
Judge Richard Ringell imposes $500 bond
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2001 $1370 Failure to Pay Earned Wages Warrant for Ravi's arrest
D-1670-01 20-Jun-2001
Judge Michael L. Rankin imposes $5000 bond
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2000 $5000 Ravi's failure to pay employer and employee portions of pension Document with Department of Labor unpaid
CPA pursuing
DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs
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1999 $2300 Failure to pay Corporation fees See Letter from Superintendent
Revocation of Corporation Status
Nick Hollinghurst
1995-01-30 $3,057 DC small Claims Court, Judgment

4853 Cordell Avenue, Suite 200   Bethesda, MD 20814
Washington D.C. : (202)-628-3639

Docket No.: 19581-94
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B&B Duplicators
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1994-09-13 $279 DC Small Claims Court, Judgment

B&B Printing
521 Research Road
Richmond, Virginia 23236

Phone: 804-794-8273
Toll Free: 888-BB-4-Color (888-224-2656)
Fax: 804-379-4961
Web Site: www.bbprintnet.com
General e-mail: generalmail@bbprintnet.com

Docket No.: 15665-94
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Barbara Alston
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1999-05-07 $470 Small Claims Court, Suit settled 07-09-1999 DOCKET NO.: 99-V4386


Craig Neal Grimm
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04-12-1999 $3,600 District of Columbia Small Claims Court Case No. 99V5574
D Date: 05-18-1999
Atty: 2099727733B
Judgment suit
David & Arlene Beckerman
Andy Harterwpe1.jpg (1795 bytes)
01/06/1999 $900 Small Claims Court, Suit - Judgment entered Case No.: 99-V84
DC Small Claims Court: 99SC-000084
Docket: 99-0114DS
lien forced payment
William F. McMullen
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04-07-1998 $4,800 District of Columbia Small Claims Court Case No: 98V6958
Attorney: 1456603030E


ABT Rents, Inc
abt.jpg (5239 bytes)
07/30/1997 $325 Maryland, Montgomery County, Suit pending

ABT Rents Inc
16021 Industrial Dr 10, Gaithersburg, MD 20877 Phone: ~(301) 840-0809

Docket No.: 002138197 Judgment
Pensare Design Group Ltd.

Mary Ellen Vehlow
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$1000 Graphic design work.  Web site

Attorney: Hesser Law firm  202-393-8100

DC Small Claims Court: 96SC-022008
Docket: 961114
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Simon Nay
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$700 Computer training, Macintosh for TRW Dun & Bradstreet Collection
Status Number: 17-532-6552
Collection Agencies
Frank Mc Laughlin
1996 $225 Computer training - PageMaker Invoice 1996
"Ravi is the only one in ten years of computer training that did not pay me."
Collection Agencies
Gabriel Anwar
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1995 $300 Computer training\ Invoice 1995 Collection Agencies
Becky Roseboro
1995 $300 Computer training Invoice 1994 Unpaid
Advantage L.P.
1995 $567.50 Services
Attorney: Henry Bobotek  Law firm 410-461-8200
DC Small Claims Court: 95SC-021889
Docket: d95-0922
SC95-21569-ALP_.jpg (18167 bytes)
Adelphi Terrace Condominium
03/2000 $2,726 ZALCO Realty, Inc.
8701 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910-3713
phone: 301-495-6600
fax: 301-495-4160
Prince Georges County District Court
Case 3609298
Small Claims court
1825 K Street Parking
03/1999 $377 1825 K Street NW Parking
Coll Acct/Closed Collection Agencies
5/24/1994 $950
Filing Number 186894
District of Columbia Small Claims Court

These include only those who have taken the time and trouble to stand up and report his abuses. It is expensive in terms of lost work hours and legal fees to take Ravi Mani to court. He knows that. There are many others who could only afford to write it off and never work for him again.

Ravi has been driven out of DC

More and more, Ravi was unable to hire people.  Word got around.  Ravi has SOLD the Computer Consultants Corporation name to Jonathan Rutenberg and has started a new competing company, under a new name.

New Address for Process Service

Method of Operation

Ravi Mani has high turnover of employees and contractors.  He calls and asks people to do work for him or his company for computer training or consulting. He will give the usual smiles and handshakes, but rarely a written agreement. Then when the work is done, he refuses to pay, claiming all sorts of made-up quality issues. It is highly advised NOT to do any business with Mr. Mani. If it is necessary to do so, it is advised to get payment UP FRONT. Or simply say "no thank you" to his offer to work, and work for someone who will pay.

Ravi's Court Date: 2002-April-15
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Robert Rigsby, Corporate Counsel
Office of the Corporation Counsel (OCC)
Conducts all law business for the District and handles all suits made by and against the government including state, local, and county matters.
441 4th Street, NW, Suite 1060N, Washington, DC  20001 (Map

If you have relevant information or evidence please contact webmaster@ravimani.us or call the Office of the Corporation Counsel directly, at (202) 727-3400

Ravi Mani Creditor Association

Turning the light on

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How to Take Someone to Small Claims

Less than 10% of people who are owed money ever go to Small Claims Court.  It is a lot of time and trouble.  There is no assurance you will get your money, even if a judgment is entered in your favor.  But if you are owed money it will help yourself, and others, to establish a legal record of it.

How to Collect Judgements

Links to Collection Agencies and Organizations

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Look for this seal


File a Complaint

American Civil Liberties Union

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Center on Wrongful Convictions, Northwestern University


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Download poster for you to post
mail, or deliver by courier

"False accusations are a danger to our justice system
as attempts to make it an accomplice to criminal activity."
The Honorable Judge Thomas Mascola

24 hour Credit Information Hotline:
Ravi Mani Report Hotline: 888-962-9100

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Ravi Mani Creditor Association
"There is strength in numbers"

As Franklin D. Roosevelt said on December 8, 1941:
"We will not only defend ourselves to the uttermost, but will make it very certain that this form of treachery shall never again endanger us."

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Note: For privacy, and the protection of the innocent, approximate proxy photos may be used

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